Charlo Athletic Club

Charlo Athletic Club is "all about running" and all about the "people" that belong to our club, and their families. We participate in road running events with enthusiasm, and our "athletes" can be described as very competitive, some may be mildly competitive, but more often than not, we are extremely sociable / competitive "creatures". If you are keen on joining Charlo Athletic Club, the joining forms and more information can be located here.

Our weekly Time Trials are famous in Port Elizabeth, and are held every Wednesday at 5.30pm from the Italian Sports Club in Harold Road, Charlo. The distances are 5km route and 8km route. Each runner earns points based on the time ran and the age group that the runner falls within. The Time Trial Participation record is 155 runners.

Our Club Gazebo cannot be missed, embossed with our "Penquin" logo with stand out Red & Black and Green colours, and can be seen at most races, weather permitting.

So come on, if you want to lose weight, feel good, look better and meet new people, then Charlo Athletic Club must be the right club for YOU! Come and have a few runs with us, you are under no obligation to join the club. We look forward to welcoming you at our time trials, EVERY WEDNESDAY at 5:30pm.


What's the Best About Our Club?

After Time trials each week, we get delicious free snacks provided by the Italian Sports Club in the Bar.

If you join as a "Full" member, our Club pays the entry fee for all the Participation League events, saving you bags of money!!

We stage and advertise regular training runs, apart from our normal weekly time trials.

Both our time trial points and our league race points earned are tabled and recorded, and are updated and displayed almost immediately.

Contact one of the following people for more information:

Club Captain